Experience the Südheide Nature Park

Get to know the Südheide Nature Park at first hand. Our certified nature and landscape guides will show you their favourite places.

All the tour guides presented here have completed further training to become "Certified Nature and Landscape Guides" and are now ready to bring you closer to the southern Lüneburg Heath with all its natural history and cultural highlights in a professional and experience-oriented way.

Go with our tour guides on a unique nature experience. You will be thrilled.

Our nature and landscape guides

Our certified nature and landscape guide Heinrich Scheidler-Luetjen


In the rhythm of nature – A circular hike to capture and experience.

Moor, pond landscapes, dragonflies and frog concerts with rare flora and fauna let you es­cape everyday life with this leisure hike! Come with us and slow down to the rhythm of nature. Enjoy not only beautiful views and insights, but also freshly smoked fish specialities directly on the spot.

This adventure tour is rounded off by information about the formation of the landscape with its flora and fauna.

The certified nature and landscape guide Heinrich Scheidler-Lütjen awaits you at Eschede railway station for a three-hour hike. Registration is necessary.

Heinrich Scheidler-Lütjen

Am Park 4

29649 Wietzendorf

01 77-5 82 00 99


Out and about in the Südheide Nature Park with the real "Heidjerin" Gabriele Link

Certified nature and landscape guide Gabriele Link

Discover the varied river, forest and heath landscape on foot or by bicycle, as you wish. See, hear, feel and experience the hidden treasures of a very old cultural landscape in an enter­taining way – something you can look forward to. Give yourself a special time and round off your excursion with regional delicacies.

Gabriele Link, a certified nature and landscape guide, awaits you.

From May to October in Sülze for the "Ausgerechnet Sülze" cycle tour - 500 years of salt production in and around Sülze.

In August and September every Sunday morning for the "Ausgerechnet Sülze" village walk; in autumn to the guided mushroom hike in Müden/Örtze.

Dates and registration at:

Gabriele Link Salzstr. 34 29303 Bergen-Sülze Tel. 0170 38 414 50

E-Mail: Gabriele.Link(at)t-online.de


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