Historical heath peasant economy

This room serves as both an exhibition room and a Metronom service centre. The exhibition consists of flexible elements. Visitors are received by 3 D photographic figures. A present-day shepherd with sheepdogs, some heathland sheep and a large photograph with a close-up of the Besenheide greet visitors. This classical picture of the Lüneburg Heath as a “beautiful natural landscape“ is shown as one walks through the room and the background to the origin of this cultural landscape is described:

The heath peasant economy and its massive effects on the landscape.

In the course of the exhibition visitors learn how this sustainable system collapsed, resulting in devastation of the landscape. Linking the past with the present, it is shown that due to today’s contamination by rain and nitrogen a large amount of effort must be expended on maintaining the existing heathland in order to avoid grassing and afforestation.  

 Text: Gemeinde Eschede


Lüneburger Heide GmbH