Experience culture in the Südheide nature park

The Lüneburg Heath has from time immemorial fascinated famous poets, painters and writers. The particular uniqueness and beauty of the countryside at different times of the year inspired them to create their works. On the heathland at the Wietzer Berg near Müden (Örtze) is the Löns Monument to the most famous of the heath poets, Hermann Löns.

It is well worth taking a walk through the “Alter Friedhof“ (Old Cemetery) in Müden (Örtze): here you will find the graves of and memorial stones to the poetess Felicitas Rose and the painter and graphic artist Fritz Flebbe in the shade of ancient trees. In Unterlüß the Albert-König-Museum preserves the artistic legacy of the painter and graphic artist Albert König. His work is characterized by landscape paintings from the region and special depictions of the kieselgur mining pits. The museum is also well-known beyond the borders of the Südheide nature park for its special exhibitions of other famous artists and the “Kieselgur“ multimedia exhibition. Also the Arno-Schmidt-Stiftung in Bargfeld near Eschede is very well-known for the work of the writer Arno Schmidt.

Even today there is a diverse cultural scene in the Südheide nature park. Pay a visit to the artists in their galleries or the “magical places“. The magical places combine country living and local history. You will find the objects created by the magical place artists in the countryside around Eschede; on the “Magische Orte im Naturpark entdecken” cycling tour you will reach them direct.

The village of Hermannsburg became very well-known with the foundation of the mission in 1849 by the pastor Ludwig Harms. Today, with the “Candace – Partner in Mission“ exhibition, the Ludwig-Harms-Haus conveys an impression of the difficult beginnings of the mission and the present collaboration with the partner churches worldwide.

Further interesting, in some cases very specialized museums and exhibitions in the Südheide nature park and the surrounding area invite you to make a visit.




Lüneburger Heide GmbH



Heimatmuseum Hermannsburg (museum of local history)


Atelier am Markt (artist’s studio)


Historische Wassermühle(historic windmill)

Galerie Brammer


Erinnerungsstätte Luftbrücke (airlift memorial)




Arno Schmidt Stiftung (foundation)


Markmanns Spielzeugstuben(toy parlour)

Flohrmühle (windmill)



Winser Museumshof (open air museum)

Bockwindmühle (windmill)



Gedenkstätte Bergen-Belsen (memorial)


Saline (salt works)