Water in the Südheide nature park

Dive into the water worlds of the Südheide. You take the perspective of the water inhabitants and can move on a reproduction of a gravel bed. In the course of the exhibition room the bottom is transformed from a gravel bed to a “sand desert“.

Projectors continually cast changing water reflections and the so-called "Kuschel-Muschel", the replica of a freshwater pearl mussel in XXL format, invites you to lie down in the mussel shells like a pearl and watch a film about the biology, ecology and cultural history of the freshwater pearl mussel.

On the walls you will find interesting information about the elixir of life “water“, the world of wonders “heath stream“ and floristic "magic".

The giant replica of a black stork’s beak thrusting down through the surface of the water into the room and grabbing a brown trout deserves a special look.

Go on a discovery tour and explore the water worlds of the Südheide nature park.

Text: Gemeinde Eschede


Lüneburger Heide GmbH