River experience in the Südheide nature park

Enjoy the spectacular scenery of a near-natural heath stream from a completely different perspective when paddling on the Örtze, Lachte and Aschau: glide over the crystal clear water in your canoe past gnarled old alders and just let your mind relax. The near-natural, nutrient-poor Örtze and Lachte streams provide a habitat for many endangered and very sensitive plant and animal species. The alert, considerate observer can make many an interesting discovery here. The canoeing and kayaking season is between May 16 and October 14, in the time between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

You will find the exact navigation rules and current water levels here

At the boarding and landing points gauges show whether the water level is correct and paddling is allowed. 

The smaller heath streams may not be navigated. Here nature has right of way!

You will find easily reachable boarding and landing points along the navigable streams. They invite you to stop for a rest if you pass through one of the rustic villages such as Hermannsburg or Oldendorf on your canoeing or kayaking trip on the Örtze.

For some sections of the Örtze or the Heidesee in Müden you can also obtain fishing permits in the tourist information offices.

Supervised tours for small groups are highly recommended. The boat hirer offers return transport of the canoes and tour participants. Persons interested in canoeing will find further information about boat hirers or resting places and overnight accommodation and anglers will find details about fishing permits at www.regioncelle.de.




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