Hiking in the Südheide nature park

The Südheide nature park with its gently rolling landscape, low height differences and a 400-kilometre network of hiking trails provides ideal conditions for unforgettable hikes. Enjoy the silence and vastness of the countryside, which can be experienced especially here in the south of the Lüneburg Heath. With a bit of luck you will meet a shepherd with his flock of heathland sheep.

“Im Reich der Heidschnucken“ (In the Kingdom of the Heathland Sheep) is the name of one of the 23 themed hiking trails in the Südheide nature park. This hiker’s paradise has something for everybody, whether you wish to undertake a long hike or just take a walk: with most of the themed tours, which begin at the parking areas for hikers, you can choose between a short, medium and long stage.

Together with these are five adventure trails and three long distance trails which run through the Südheide nature park: the Heathland Sheep trail certified as a quality trail, the European Long Distance Trail E 1 and the Jakobusweg Lüneburger Heide (Pilgrim’s Route). A large number of new, inviting shelters, benches and rustic, cosy inns along the way invite you to make a stop.

The Südheide nature park with its varied countryside invites you to a hike at all times of the year: in spring the fresh green of the birches entices, in summer the heather gleams everywhere in purple, in the autumn the colourful foliage in the forests of the Lüßwald and the yellow moor grass shine in the moors, and in the winter, if there is enough snow, there is even a prepared skiing trail in the enchanting Misselhorner Heide.

Whether you wish to take part in a guided hike or are looking for accommodation, you will find further tips at www.regioncelle.de, where you can make reservations online.

The 23 hiking tours are described in a 208-page brochure and on the tour portal www.region-celle-navigator.de you will find all further information about the hiking tours and the long distance trails.


The brochure is available for a nominal charge of € 3,50 in all tourist information centres of the Administrative District of Celle and the town of Celle.

You will also find information about the Heathland Sheep Trail at www.heidschnuckenweg.de.

The free brochure about the Heathland Sheep Trail is available in all the tourist information centres in the nature park and in the town of Celle.



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