Water levels on the Örtze

red - prohibited
green - permitted

Boarding Point

befahren verboten

Müden (Örtze)

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befahren erlaubtHermannsburg




Stedden Örtzebrücke

Stand: 26.05.2023

Dear canoeists,

We make every effort to adjust the water levels at the boarding and landing points listed on our website to the current status of the individual gauging sites as closely as possible. However, as we cannot always guarantee this, our information is subject to change. Please ascertain the water levels again before starting your trip. 

On March 18, 2005 the Directive of the Administrative District of Celle concerning the protection of heath streams and the associated measurement of the water level of the Örtze, Lachte and Aschau came into force. Since then you will find water level indicators or gauges with a red-green marking corresponding to the reference level at the boarding and landing points along these streams.

If the water level is within the green area of the gauge, there is nothing to stop your trip. If the water level has only reached the red area, this indicates low water and boating is not permitted.

Canoeing on the heath streams in the Administrative District of Celle is restricted to the time between May 16 and October 14 of every year from
9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with canoes, Canadier canoes or kayaks. Only the Örtze from the water mill in Müden, the Lachte from the bridge at district road 42 near Jarnsen and the Aschau from the boundary of the Südheide landscape protection area at the Schützenplatz parking area may be navigated downstream.

Download Befahrensregel  (Download navigation rules)

Only members of the Deutscher Kanuverband (German Canoe Association - DKV) may navigate the Örtze all year round, taking account of the other provisions of the Directive of the Administrative District of Celle concerning the protection of heath streams, and must carry an identity card.


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