Welcome to the “Region Celle Navigator“

The “Region Celle Navigator” is an interactive tour portal which can help you with your holiday planning before you begin your journey. 

The “Region Celle Navigator“ provides you with a great deal of information about the Südheide nature park and the whole of the district of Celle: tips for refreshment stops and overnight accommodation, sights, museums, heathland and a lot more besides. Just click your way through!

Under the heading"Tours" you will find suggestions for hiking, pilgrimages, riding and cycling, together with a detailed description, tips and advice along the route such as information for riders with park and ride areas, information for pilgrims with pilgrim hostels, etc. You will find these tour details after accessing the tour by clicking on the letter "i".

You can download the tour descriptions in pdf format as a tour flyer or download them under further information as an extract from the ”Radthemenparadies Südheide“ or “Wanderparadies Südheide“ brochure and print them out or load them directly onto your GPS device.

My Navigator

The “My Navigator“ area is something special. Here you can compile your own lists of tips and tours, sketch your own tours and store them in a protected area for your own use.

Set maps

Here you can set different maps or aerial and hybrid views. You can also display protected areas such as nature reserves and bird protection areas, FFH areas or nature parks and national parks.


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Meeting point

As with Google, you can enter an address search or arrange a meeting point.

At www.region-celle-navigator.deyou will find lots of information for a relaxing holiday in the Südheide nature park!