Enjoy and actively experience nature

Enjoy the silence, expanse and unspoilt quality of the Südheide nature park on a hike or cycling tour through the varied countryside. The park provides a network of cycling, hiking and riding trails very well signposted with pictograms. Ten themed cycling tours, 23 themed circular hiking tours with five adventure trails and 13 riding tours, which generally begin at the large, informative parking areas, show you the different faces of the nature park. They give you a better understanding of the landscape and its animal and plant world, the history of the area, agriculture, forestry and fishing, and regional culture. The barrier-free circular hiking tour at the Angelbecksteich is unique.

You can also hike through the Südheide nature park on three long-distance hiking routes: the Jakobusweg Lüneburger Heide (Pilgrim’s Route), the European Long Distance Trail E 1 and the Heidschnuckenweg (Heathland Sheep Trail) designated as a premium hiking trail, one of the TOP TRAILS in Germany.

Or hire a canoe and experience the park from the perspective of a boat and a river. The near-natural streams such as the Örtze, Aschau und Lachte promise you a very special experience and are a popular excursion destination among paddlers.


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